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Von is the first artist to use her own orgasm wave patterns in pop music, Von is the disrupter who hacked her vibrator to change the way we talk about sex. Inspired by the political agendas of Peaches to Pussy Riot, she dedicates her time to making art that dismantles stereotypes about sex work, sexist agendas in entertainment and aversion to sex positive dialogues. Von places pulsing percussion and sawtooth baselines under glittery synth riffs and genre-bending vocal treatments to make music that defines sexual confidence as what you always wished your misogynistic Aunt read it as: powerful.

As the host of Bloody Mary KOs & KINK, Von merges talents from artists, djs & sex workers with live boxing to give long overdue visibility to femmes & kink communities in nightlife.

Vondom Labs serves as Von's 360 production house, record label and online tech market place transparently showcasing our agenda to move towards a sex positive universe. Right wing religious men call it propaganda, others just say we’re right. 


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