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Because we recognize those who have come before us, those who stand arm in arm, and those who will follow in our footsteps. We recognize those who have paved the way, knowing that there will forever be more work to be done. Because we agree that there are power in numbers, power in love and power in friendship. Because of every indie pop boy who reposted some god awful grainy info graphic on international women’s day, but is still only playing and perpetuating all male lineups. Because of every crusty music industry dude who said we had to “pick a lane”, who said we had to be selfish, egregious, and back stabbing. Because of every person in power who said “you cannot be an artist and an activist”. Because of every sex worker, trans person of color and black femme who fought to make these platforms in the first place. Because of how deeply we believe in one another. Because of how committed we are to a lifetime of learning and unlearning. Because of the euphoric rush we feel in these rooms. Because of every single person who said, “you can’t”. Because of divine femininity, because of divine masculinity, because of everything in between. Because of you, because of me, because of us. In abundance and camaraderie, long live Bloody Mary.

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